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I’m Lola, and I thought this year would be different. Just for once, I wanted to be a glass-half-full kind of girl. It’s 1981, and nice girls don’t curse. But the Demented Duo has been harassing me sLowly Cover1LitpickTopChoice_edited-2ince middle school—cutting down my looks, my Christianity, my everything. How am I supposed to control my anger when everyone at Sunset High School seems like they’re out to get me? They’ll embarrass me about anything.

And then George strides in, and like magic, everything is better.

If only it lasted.

How will I ever clean up my mess and make amends? Can anyone still love me?

What others are saying about Lowly

“Identity. Belonging. Significance. Lowly gives us a deep glance into the world of adolescence and bullying with grit and grace. With the eyes of a parent and the expertise of a youth worker, Laura Angaroni masterfully takes us into the dark places of the teen heart and leads us to a place of redemption and grace. Lowly is a hopeful read for teens and parents affected by the world of bullying.”
Dr. JJ Jones, D. Min., Family Discipleship Pastor at Fellowship Nashville, Franklin Campus

“We really love Lowly. Laura expressed the feelings of a young girl so remarkably, along with some wonderful humor and a beautiful life lesson on forgiveness. We give Lowly a BIG thumbs-up and look forward to seeing all the Lord has in store for Laura as a writer.”
Russ and Linda Murphy, Russ Murphy Ministries
(Russ is an award-winning inspirational singer-songwriter and author of Not Alone: Finding the Love of Your Life)

“Laura has nailed the emotional flow of high school years. Little things turn into big things, misunderstandings become cavernous divides, but in the end real friends really do look out for each other…What I really liked is that a story like this could happen in any time
and in any place – it’s the caring relationships that are important and help us grow.” –Betty C., Teacher, Cypress, TX

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“I loved the lessons that she learned, about forgiveness (both giving and receiving), about true friendship, about God’s unfailing love for her … oh, gosh, I hope her senior year is continued for us!” –Elizabeth C., Teacher, Haughton, LA

“But after everything falls apart, we see that there is always hope for restoration and redemption, and the author gives us a roadmap while taking her main character through that process.” –Lisa, Dallas, TX