Tutora’s The 90 Best Children’s Books of 2017

Lowly has been included in Tutora’s ‘The 90 Best Children’s Books of 2017’! Click to read more as well as get other excellent book recommendations.

I was inspired to write Lowly as my daughter approached adolescence, triggering thoughts of issues and hardships I experienced during my teen years. With the firm belief that the tough circumstances in our past can be redeemed by helping others, I began writing fiction for the first time, broaching these subjects with honesty and, I hope, humor.” – Laura P Angaroni, Author.

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Weekend Plans


The weekend’s near, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is almost here! Or if you feel like staying in, stock up on a good book like Lowly. You might even learn a bit about forgiveness as you read. I hope you’ll laugh a few times, too. 🙂 #lowlylola #GotGVol2 http://ow.ly/en6O30bqLom