Hurricane Harvey Relief

Some of you have wondered how you can help with the damage caused by #hurricaneharvey. Your first and best way to help might be to ask any friends or family affected by the storm if you can send them money or a gift card. To be frank, monetary donations are most likely best at this point. However, if you would like to give to those in our congregation whose homes have flooded, text ben at 281-849-9019. Text gen to the same number to help offset the chapel refurbishment cost (The chapel is where our Spanish congregation met and church offices resided.). There’s a minimum $10 donation. It’s easy. Once you’re redirected to put in your payment information, you have the option to use the camera to input your card number. It worked like a charm for me but please feel free to pm me if you’re having difficulties. You may also give through our website (I’ve attached a link) or by mailing a check to Cypress Bible Church, 11711 Cypress N. Houston Rd., Cypress, TX 77429.

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