Christmas Eve in Texas

ChristmasPost17Christmas Eve in Texas means blustery wind blowing hair into my eyes, impromptu trips to Target (We’re that brave.), Sonic drink stops, and last minute package decorating sessions. It’s pausing to chat only to learn that we’re all enamored with The Crown. Quelle surprise! It’s walking past a decorated table a thousand times; then at one thousand and one, noticing the care my mother has taken to craft a perfect vignette—tiny houses, tiny trees, tiny people with tiny coats. I needed to notice. It’s lovely. Almost perfect. Then in the next moment feeling grateful that to God, we’re not tiny people with tiny coats. For a while, He came to live among us. He became our size and shape. Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us.


That’s Christmas Eve to me, and I wish you a merry one full of meaning.

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